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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does it cost?
    The price per lesson varies according to the number of lessons you register for. Generally prices for in-person lessons range from $75 to $100 per hour. A lesson is assumed to be two hours even if it extends beyond that timeframe. Suggested packages start at two lessons, three paid + 1 free, and four paid + 1 free. Suggested packages will be sent to you after completing a questionnaire. 

  2. What about zoom lessons?
    Zoom lessons will be offered at a lower cost and opened based on demand. You will be asked if you'd like to be notified when a Zoom workshop becomes available.

  3. In what city is this available?
    To start, workshops are available in New York City. Additional workshops will be offered in other cities based on demand. It is best to register and answer the questions to increase the chances of a workshop occurring in your area. Upon registering you will be able to indicate whether you'd like to be notified of a Zoom session as well. If you believe you can organize a group, contact me directly.

  4. At what location do workshops occur?
    All workshops occur at a home environment in a spacious living room or a small private screening room. We will either have a very large monitor or a projector screen with an environment supporting watching film scenes with ease. The space and number of participants will allow everyone to get a front row seat.

  5. What about hands-on practice?
    Initially workshops focus on theoretical and analytical abilities and target film professionals who require the ability to design, pre-visualize, collaborate and communicate rather than execute.  Therefore most lessons will not have a hands-on component with the exception of suggested activities to perform independently. Hands-on lessons may be added in the future based on need and demand.

  6. Who will be in my group?
    The idea is to build groups around similar professional level and needs. This is why answering questions fully and honestly is the best way to build a strong group and design relevant lessons. However, building groups may take time as others will need to register as well. This is why it is best to register early.

  7. My time is limited, how are lessons scheduled?
    When registering you will be asked about your scheduling preferences. Would you like to meet in the mornings or evenings? Weekend or weekday? Once a week or multiple times, and so on. Workshops are scheduled according to the availability of the people in a group. Due to this fact it is best to try and be as flexible as possible.

  8. Are lessons always over multiple days? Can it be scheduled as a concentrated day?
    The assumption is that participants are working professionals, therefore most lessons will be scheduled over multiple days. However, it is possible to schedule any configuration as long as there's a minimum number of participants. 

  9. Can I organize a group for a workshop?
    Absolutely! If you have a group of people with a common interest, it is best to reach out directly. We can build any configuration of a workshop for any number of people, from 3 to 300 and at any location, given a minimum number of participants. 

  10. I am a film student and would like to have these lessons offered in my program.
    I have visited as a guest lecturer at various universities and colleges, including the University of New Orleans, Sacred Heart University, Loyola Marymount University and others. Academic institutions will consider bringing in a guest lecturer if enough students express interest. 

  11. Would you consider teaching in other frameworks?
    Yes. Feel free to reach out for any need such as festivals, conventions and other events.

  12. Do you offer mentoring or consulting?
    While not the main focus I will consider mentoring a filmmaker or consulting based on the background and seriousness of the filmmaker as well as my own availability.

"Tal taught me the most important lesson as a cinematographer: base every decision on one thing.
The story."


Prabhat Gurung
Writer & Director
CCNY Graduate Film Program Alumnus

"Tal makes the building blocks of cinematography digestible. I am forever thankful for the instrumental knowledge he gave us”


Gareth Cox
The AFI Conservatory Alumnus

"I signed up to Tal's class hoping to become a better cinematographer, but I walked out a better writer and overall filmmaker"


Ayoub El Jamal
Director & Cinematographer
CCNY Graduate Film Program Alumnus

"Tal's technical prowess mixed with an understanding of the artistry makes him truly unique. I believe he gave me many of the tools which make me the cinematographer I am today" 


Daniella Nowitz
The AFI Conservatory Alumna

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