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Latent Images, LLC focuses on producing independent visual stories and educating the storyteller's of the future. 

Tal Lazar, founder of Latent Images is an award winning Cinematographer, Producer and Educator. Lazar's work as a filmmaker include numerous international box office successes, with Vietnam in the forefront. Domestically, his work has found homes in both theatrical and steaming platforms. In 2017 he co-founded MiLa Media, a New York based production company. MiLa Media specializes in creating bold independent works that challenge perspectives, engage global audiences and maximize market potential. For more information press here.

Lazar earned his BFA in Film & Television Studies at Tel Aviv University, where he won the Sharet Foundation Award for Best Cinematography. He later moved to Los Angeles to pursue an MFA at the American Film Institute Conservatory in Hollywood. In 2011 he became a faculty member at the AFI Conservatory and a lecturer for Berklee College of Music online campus. Lazar is available for guest lectures and mentorship, please contact for details.

Lazar is a member of the International Cinematographer's Guild ICG and the American Association of University Professors, AAUP.

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