About Tal Lazar


It all started with a conversation I had with an experienced production designer when I was still living in Israel. I was already shooting at the time, but when he explained to me what he requires from a cinematographer - questions about color rendition or lens choices, I realized I still have much to learn. So I moved to Los Angeles and went to the American Film Institute Conservatory.

Since then I spent countless hours on set, creating visuals for thrillers, dramas, comedies and action films. I never really left school, staying to teach and helping hundreds of students at some of the top film schools in the world for over a decade. But even though I've created lessons for every aspect of visual storytelling, from the highly technical to the creative choices of narrative perspective and lens selection, I still feel I have much to learn. 

I believe that feeling is required for a good teacher. I designed this program for the serious aspiring filmmaker and working professional. No matter your professional level, if you feel that you still have much to learn - you've come to the right place. We will make sure you get the knowledge you need. But more importantly you'll get the ability to expand on that knowledge independently and seek collaborators who can help you grow. Ready to start?

Tal Lazar is an accomplished cinematographer, producer, and educator. For the last decade he designed and taught classes at some of the top film programs including the American Film Institute Conservatory and Columbia University. As a sought after lecturer he taught at additional institutions including both the undergraduate and graduate programs at the City College of New York, Berklee College of Music and others.


Watch a Sample Video

All lessons offered are live. But this video should give you a taste of how I teach!

"If you are looking to understand cinematography from both a technical and creative perspectives, Tal Lazar is the type of instructor you want"


"Tal makes any topic easy to understand with his well-paced and succinct teaching style. There is no one whose expertise I trust more"