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Join workshops with the filmmaker behind world class lessons in cinematography

Tal Lazar is an accomplished filmmaker and educator who designed classes for the American Film Institute, Columbia University Schools of the Arts, Berklee College of Music and others.


In person or online

No more than 5 students in person

Custom lessons: Learn what you need

"To my mind, there is no better person to teach the mission of cinematographers to their collaborators"


"Tal's appreciation and skill for teaching visual storytelling is second to none. My education as a cinematographer would not have been developed as quickly and as thoroughly as it did without taking his class at AFI"


Ed Wu
The AFI Conservatory Alumnus

"I learned how to communicate with my cinematographers, not only technically but creatively. Now I feel confident expressing my vision. It changed the way I see cinematography as a director"


Lorena R. Valencia
Producer, Writer & Director
CCNY Graduate Film Program Alumna

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