Latent Images has partnered with equipment owners to offer these lenses to you at competitive prices.
The camera and lenses will be available directly through Latent Images.
Contact us with specific information about your project, and receive a quote for the entire package from us.
The availability of the lenses not owned by Latent Images may vary, so be sure to contact us early!

Canon 30-105mm Compact Zoom
This lens completes the set with our own Canon 15.5-47mm Compact Zoom. The lenses match physically, optically and visually, and have an overlapping range for multi-camera work. This lens comes with Duclos Lenses’ Multi-Mount, allowing it to be used on any professional camera with Arri PL, Canon EF or Panavision PV mounts.

Zeiss Super Speeds
The go-to lens set for indie films, this full set of SuperSpeeds will save time and money when paired with the Alexa Mini’s high sensitivity to light. The Super-Speeds are known for their vintage look and flexibility in low-light scenes.

Cooke Speed Panchros S2/3
The older Speed Panchros are high in demand for their soft look and low contrast when paired with modern digital cameras. Each lens in this specific set was hand picked and matched to create a consistent look across the different lenses.

Zeiss Standard Speeds
This is the first series of the Zeiss Standard Speed lens set. They create a low contrast image while maintaining sharpness, and are physically very small. When paired with the Alexa Mini you will have a very small and light setup.