The Canon compact wide zoom is a modern lens designed for 4K cameras. It will give you a sharp image, without the offensive nature of super-sharp lenses combined with higher resolution cameras. Use it as an all purpose zoom or as a light weight zoom designed for steadicam, hand held and jib work. It’s speed, at T2.8, is maintained accurately over the entire zoom range. It’s focal length range is very flexible, allowing extreme wide angle with minimal distortion to a pleasing close-up at 47mm. Breathing is virtually nonexistent, minimum focus at 20” is closer than most equivalent modern wide zooms, 11 iris blades will create a round, rich bokeh.
The lens can be combined with many modern quality prime lens sets.


This lens is equipped with a Multi Mount by Duclos Lenses.

Upon request, this lens can be provided with Arri’s PL mount, Canon’s EF mount or Panavision’s PV mount. Use this lens in any production, with any professional camera!

Changing the mount is easy and can be done in the field.

The tested image circle of the Canon 15.5-47mm zoom at T2.8 is Ø33.5mm at 15.5mm and Ø39mm at 47mm. This will cover super-35mm sensor cameras such as Arri Alexa / Amira and Sony F-series.

The lens will also cover larger sensors such as the Canon C500 and Red Dragon at 6K.

Larger sensors may suffer from reduced optical quality at the edges of the frame (Dragon 6K FF is useable with this lens).