The Arri Alexa camera needs no introductions. Every year, the majority of the best films produced and shot by the best Cinematographers originate on an Alexa camera. The Revenant, Mad Max: Fury Road, Spotlight and Sicario are just a few examples. The image quality, ease of use and consistent stability are unparalleled. The Alexa Mini delivers the same image quality in a small and compact form.

Full Alexa Mini Package, including lens, for $1200 / day!

A full production-ready package, optimized for independent feature work. This includes Canon’s 15.5-47mm Compact zoom! See below for a full equipment list.

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This Alexa Mini Package is optimized for a well balanced hand held setup or standard tripod mode. It includes:

  • Alexa Mini camera (PL Mount) body and viewfinder
  • Anamorphic license installed!
  • Complete Pro accessory kit
  • 3 x 128GB CFast Cards
  • 2 x 256GB CFast Card
  • Canon 15.5-47mm Compact Zoom
  • 6 x IDX-DUO Batteries and Quick Charger
  • Wooden Camera leather hand held rig
  • Additional accessories for gimbal work
  • Wooden Camera A-Box for audio input
  • Bright Tangerine Misfit 4×5.6 Matte Box with adaptors to fit all lenses
  • Arri FF-5 Follow focus PRO set, dual sided with speed crank and whip
  • Clear, ND, POLA and Grad Filters
  • TV-Logic 17″ Monitor with stand
  • Odyssey 7Q 7″ Monitor with SSD and onboard arm or full director’s cage with handles
  • OcOnnor 60L Carbon Fiber Tripod
  • Sachtler Video 25 fluid head (150mm bowl)
  • Click for full equipment list

To rent this camera:

  • Contact Latent Images to check the availability during the dates of your shoot.
  • Sign the rental agreement form and pay a deposit to reserve your dates.
  • Submit a certificate of insurance listing Latent Images as an additional insured for liability coverage, and loss payee for property coverage covering the replacement value of the equipment rented.
  • Check-out the equipment and shoot!


Any camera operator knows the importance of a well balanced camera for hand held shots. It is not just a matter of comfort, but the ability to maintain framing for a long duration of time and rely on the right muscles to do the job. The setup above uses Wooden Camera’s excellent hand held grips. Arri’s viewfinder rods have been replaced with longer rods, allowing the operator to shift the weight as far back as needed, and to lower the viewfinder to eye level. Arri’s shoulder pad is quick to remove and the camera is ready to go on the tripod again.

Traveling with the camera? The Alexa Mini is the ideal solution. Combined with the ThinkTank AirPort Security v2 bag – the entire camera package with all it’s accessories (including on-board monitor, matte box, filters, rods, hand held rig and even the lens!) fit into one carry-on bag. There’s even room for your laptop!
This bag is available to take with the camera at no additional charge.

IMG_6593 IMG_6592

The use of this equipment requires prior experience. This offer extends to professionals only. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.