• minipackage

    Alexa Mini package now available

    A full camera package including everything you need to shoot (including a lens!) at an unbeatable rental rate. Accessorized specifically for the independent feature film, this camera will deliver Arri Alexa quality images in 4K. It's size will make it ideal for virtually any type of work.
    It's a limited time offer, click for more information.

  • canonlens

    Sharp pictures, Silky Smooth Faces

    Seeking a lens? The Canon 15.5-47mm Compact Zoom will give you a sharp image, without the offensive nature of super-sharp lenses. Use it as an all purpose zoom or as a light weight zoom designed for steadicam, hand held and jib work. This lens will fit any professional motion picture camera out there! It is equipped with Duclos Lenses' Multi Mount, allowing it to be used with PL, EF or PV mounts.
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  • lenses

    More lens options available now!

    Every film needs a specific set of lenses. We now offer more options for rental. This new inventory is made possible by our new partnerships, allowing you to get everything in one place. Check to see what is available now, but be sure to come back as this inventory will grow quickly in the next few months.
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  • cinematographer2

    A Winning Team

Who we are

Latent Images was founded in 2016 by Cinematographer Tal Lazar with the mission to reinforce independent films. With years of industry experience, we provide access to equipment, technical as well as creative professionals and solutions. Contact us if you need a camera, technicians or likeminded artists to bring your story to life.


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